Welcome to BrainsBreaker

Solve Jigsaw puzzles in a realistic look and feel. 

Easily operated with the mouse, clicking the mouse you can grab objects, drag them to other places and then drop them wherever you want. The Right button opens the menu of the clicked object. There are also "Keyboard Shortcuts" that allow accessing the most usual operations with a press of one or two keys.

It has also many additional "canned" puzzles downloadable here.

And the program allows creating your own puzzles with any picture that your computer can display.

And you can also create gift puzzles: these are puzzles freely distributable that don't need any installation.

In these documents the keys you have to press are represented in a special format, for example : this would mean holding down the  Ctrl  key and pressing O See also the notes on keyboards.

This help is always accessible from the program by pressing  F1  in the keyboard or the help button available in the windows and menus of the program. It will open in the section explaining the active situation in the program.

You can start playing right now: Open a puzzle and begin to drag & drop the pieces over the screen. Or you can continue reading to learn more about the many features of the program. While using the program, remember to press  F1  and you will return here to find more instructions.