Shelves and other views of the Gallery

In the gallery of BrainsBreaker at the left you can se a listing of different groupings of puzzles. There are different ways to see the puzzles grouped, at the top of the list you can see the name of the current one and, clicking it, you can change the view:


You can have the puzzles stored in different, independent places: we call them 'shelves'. Each shelf corresponds to a folder in your hard disk.

The first time you'll see only one shelf named 'BrainsBreaker'; it's the base shelf where the first puzzles are installed, from here you can start playing.

Below the list of shelves, there is a button named  New shelf  The window to create a new shelf allows typing a name for that shelf. Additionally, it has the option  Private : checking it will create the shelf in a private zone of your computer, so other users logged in will not be able to access that shelf (and it will be not listed in the gallery).

Activate that shelf by clicking it.

To move a puzzle to another shelf, click  the shelf that contains the puzzles, pick a puzzle (click it with the mouse) and drag it (do not release the mouse) over the new shelf. You can also move several puzzles at once. First select the puzzles by clicking in the outer zone of some of them and drag the mouse to extend the selection. Then click inside the selection and drag the mouse to the destination shelf.

To delete a shelf, first you have to move the puzzles you have on it to another shelf because it must be empty or the program won't allow removing it. Once the shelf is empty, right click over its name and a  Delete shelf  option will appear.

When creating a new puzzle there is a button to choose the destination shelf. If you don't set it, the new puzzle will go to the last active shelf. The same applies if you install a 'canned' set of puzzles.

As a shelf is a folder on your computer, the shelves have an option to  Open folder , (Right click on the shelf  to open its pop-up menu).

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If you have bought additional sets of puzzles for BrainsBreaker they will be listed here. The puzzles of each pack will be listed when you select one of the packs. If a puzzle was never downloaded (either from the gallery or by installing the set of puzzles) it will have overlapped an icon meaning that "it's in the cloud". Double clicking the puzzle will download it and start it for playing. 

Right clicking the mouse over one of the packs offer some options to handle this pack:

 Put this pack in a shelf : Will put all the puzzles of that pack into a regular shelf (a folder on your disk). If some of the puzzles in that pack have not been downloaded that process will do. At the end you should have all these puzzles in the shelf you choose. This process can be repeated if you had the puzzles in some shelf already, this way you can move the puzzles of a pack to another shelf easily.

 Convert puzzles to Mystery mode : This is a way to convert all the puzzles in a pack to the Mystery mode. If you have puzzles in mystery mode already you will have also an option  Remove Mystery mode on puzzles . (Additionally you can set the program to download the packs in mystery mode in the gallery options)

NOTE You may have purchased some pack and not see it listed here. This could happen in the case that you ordered the pack with a different email address than the one used to register your BrainsBreaker license. In this case please contact  -


This lists all our offer of additional sets of puzzles for a fee. Click each pack to see the puzzles it contains. At the top of the gallery you have the button to add the current pack to your "Shopping cart". You can add different packs to the shopping cart and finally press the button  Checkout  that will jump to the web, list your cart and offer the option to purchase. You can also  Remove from cart  }. If you see here some pack you actually purchased, please see the note above.


You can assign different labels to the puzzles, in this view you can see a listing of all the labels and clicking one the gallery will display the puzzles with that label. To label a puzzle right click it and choose the option in its popup menu. More info here


These are special ways to see the puzzles for special cases. They may help to locate a particular puzzle.

 With started games 

 Not played 

 Without label 

 All the puzzles