Save game as...    

The program saves your game in progress automatically, and you can resume it after leaving the program. 

You can set additional information to the game in progress; each element is optional and may be useful in special circumstances, especially if the computer is shared and several people access the game. The window can be accessed by pressing  Ctrl+S 

*  Title : You can set a title for the game. It will appear in the gallery, may be useful to identify a particular game. In the gallery use the  Find  function (press  Ctrl+F ) to access it quickly.    

*  Player : Set a player's name for that game. It will appear in the gallery, there you will be able to see only the files of a particular player.

*  Password (optional) : Assign a password to the game. It will be required to resume the game or to erase it. Use passwords with care as if you don't remember it you will not be able to continue a game. Notice that the password protects the saved game from being deleted inside the program but as the saved game is a file on your computer it can be deleted from Windows .

(A more strict security would be achieved creating a shelf with the  Private  option, this one would have the puzzles and saved games in a private folder - controlled by Windows . This makes sense only if in that computer you have a user configured with a password so no others can access your private folders).