Loading a Puzzle

When you open a master puzzle in the gallery, you can set its options:

  • The number of pieces to play: This can be done either selecting one of the predefined levels or by typing directly the number of pieces you want for that game.
  •  Do not rotate pieces  If the pieces will be rotated or orientated correctly from the beginning (recommended in difficult puzzles with many pieces). Also very good for kids.

  •  Black White mode  The puzzle will start with all the pieces and the image in black and white. As you connect pieces the color will be restored around the zone where the pieces contact until you finally solve all the puzzle and you will see all the original color. This makes the puzzle more challenging so you may want to combine this option with  Do not rotate pieces . Although difficult, solving one if these is specially fun and rewarding.

  •  Scatter grouping by color  The program can sort the pieces approximately by color when it "scatters" in the board. This is especially useful in puzzles with many pieces as it does the usual task of grouping pieces by color. (This option is disabled if you activate  Black White mode  )

  • The shape: Press any of the buttons to set the type of cut of the pieces. Notice that the option   Do not rotate pieces  may change if you change the shape selected as the program "remembers" that setting for each shape independently.
    If you have favorite shapes you can hide the others you don't use: Right click the mouse on the shape you want to hide and choose  Hide this shape . When there are shapes hidden, you will have an additional option  Show all shapes .
  •  Zoom  Resize the puzzle. Move the slider (while playing you will be able also to change the size of the puzzle).

For your convenience the selection you make will be recalled the next time you start a puzzle, for example, if you start a puzzle at the level 3, the next puzzle you open will have the level 3 pre-selected. The  Do not rotate pieces  option will be recalled also associated to each cut of pieces.

Press OK when you are done with your settings and the puzzle will start.

Note: Double clicking in one of the level or shape buttons will select that level and start the puzzle directly.