Handling pieces

To move a piece, click the piece you want to move with the mouse and move it around the screen. 

When dropping the piece, if it falls near another matching piece and both are in the same direction they will be locked together. 

If you drop the piece in its place in the Solution frame, the piece will be anchored to the background, so you don't move it inadvertently. (This behavior can be disabled unchecking the option  Anchor pieces  in General options).

(In the General options see  Click+Release for dragging  to configure further the behavior when clicking and releasing the mouse).

To turn a piece First point over that piece.
There are different ways to turn depending on your preferences and the available devices:

  • With a mouse with a wheel: just turn the wheel.
  • With the mouse+keyboard: hold down the key  Ctrl  and click the mouse.
  • With the keyboard: press the  ←  or  →  keys. Or altenatively,  A  or  S  keys.
  • With a TouchPad: Touch the piece so it's "picked", then tap with two fingers.
  • With a trackpad: Touch with two fingers and either move them up or down.
    Alternatively turn the two fingers.

You can also turn a piece while dragging it, the same way.
If the rotated piece is locked to others, all these pieces will be rotated.
There's an option to rotate a group of pieces to the right orientation automatically (this is in the "cheating" category): Select several pieces, right click to open the menu and choose  Turn right direction 
NOTE: If you opened the puzzle in "Non rotate" mode these features will not be available.

Bringing a piece or group of covered pieces to top. It can happen that a group of locked pieces hides others. When the mouse pointer is over a set of pieces hiding others it changes its shape to: The hidden pieces can be uncovered by pressing the  U  key (and it is also accessible from the menu of the piece).

To fasten a piece
Sometimes you may find a position for a piece that you don't want moved. You can fasten that piece: Pick a pin in the bottom left corner of the screen or the tray, drag and drop it over the piece. The piece becomes fastened to the background. The Nail option can also be selected from the menu for that piece.
If several pieces are locked and you nailed one of them the others also are nailed.
When trying to pick a nailed piece (or a piece locked to a nailed one), instead of the piece you'll pick the pin. Then you can release it (so the piece stays where it was) or drag the pin to any unoccupied part of the screen: the piece then is released and can be moved.

Shortcut to nail  Alt+Left click .
To remove the pin click the piece and drop the pin on any empty place of the board.

The program allows also fastening several pieces at once: click the mouse on the board and drag it to select that group of pieces. Release the mouse and right click inside the selection, there's an option for nailing the pieces selected.

Hint on a piece: If you have the option "Anchor pieces" active, it will point to the location of that piece in the solution frame. If Anchor is not active will point the piece adjacent to the current one. (This option will not be active if you have set the "Non Cheating mode").

Quickly send a piece to a tray
This is useful when you sort pieces at a glance at the beginning of a puzzle. Maybe you want to separate all the pieces which have, for example, mostly red color:  Point over one of these pieces, hold down the  Alt  key and press the key number of the tray you want that piece to go,  Alt+1  would send it to tray 1.

To send pieces from a tray to the main desk: Point over the piece and press  Alt+Q  (to send to tray 1, etc.)


To view only certain pieces
Press  T  or select the option  Filter pieces . This will allow you to choose to show only certain pieces, for example the ones at the edge or with certain shapes (useful at the beginning of a large puzzle when classifying pieces)


Undo: After scattering or emptying a tray you can undo the last action to go back to the situation before that operation. Notice that if after scattering or emptying a tray you do any move of pieces the option will not be available.

See also Trays, how to handle several pieces, Solve the puzzle using the keyboard.