Gift Puzzles

BrainsBreaker allows creating special puzzles that can be freely distributed. The players will need only to install the evaluation software (free) in order to have the "engine" that will run the puzzles on the computer.

The Gift Puzzles can be distributed to anyone under the Terms of Use

When distributing the gift puzzles you will have to instruct the receiver to install the BrainsBreaker 5 software (the free evaluation version is enough) that will act as the puzzle engine. This way you can distribute the puzzles independently of the hardware platform (PC+Windows or Mac) as each receiver will install the proper software. You can direct the receiver of your gift puzzle to download the software from

Additionally to the options you have creating a puzzle, in the gift puzzles you can add text messages that will be displayed when the player starts the puzzle and/or when he completes it.

The gift puzzles have a limit in the number of pieces: can be created with a maximum of 100 pieces (50 if you are using the program in Demo mode).

In order to create gift puzzles you have do the regular procedure to create a puzzle and switch to the tab Gift on top of the settings.

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