The loupe (a magnifying glass)

There is a tool to zoom in the screen content, a magnifying glass that will move over the screen as you move the mouse and show magnified the stuff behind it.

There are three ways to activate/deactivate it:

* Click over the small icon that is at the left bottom of the main desk or the open trays.
* Hold down the key  Alt  and click the mouse over a non-occupied zone in the screen.
* Press the key  Z 

Any of these methods will hide the magnifying glass if it is active or show it if it is hidden.
While the loupe is active you can do everything as you would do without it: pick pieces, turn, move, etc.

The loupe can work on two modes: 
Floating: it will behave like the real thing moving as you move the mouse and magnifying what's below it. 
Fixed: It will occupy a square in the left bottom side of the screen, displaying magnified the zone where the mouse is pointing. If you move the mouse over the static loupe, it will offset to the right.

You can switch the mode by pressing the keys  Alt+Z  or right clicking the mouse over the icon (at the left/bottom of the screen)

Preferences of the loupe
Zooming factor
: Allows choosing the magnification factor. By default, it zooms the original by two times but it allows changing that factor up to five: Press the  +  (plus) key or  -  (minus) key when the loupe is visible.

Size of the loupe: Press the  ↑  /  ↓  (up/down arrow) keys to enlarge/reduce the size of the loupe (if the motion of the loupe is not smooth, try reducing its size).