Working with the keyboard only

The puzzle can be operated only with the keyboard: This feature is provided for special needs and intends to allow to work the puzzle quite agile. Some of the standard keys are redirected to alternative functions.

First you need to activate that feature, go to the general options (press the key  F3  ) and check  Handle with keyboard . Then :

  • The arrow keys move the mouse pointer. If you keep them pressed it accelerates after some time so it's relatively fast traversing the screen
  • Holding down the  Alt  key + arrow key(s), moves very slowly the pointer (in order to allow fine selection of pieces)
  •  Ctrl  + arrow moves the pointer to one quarter of the screen in a jump. To move quickly.
  • The spacebar picks/drops the piece below the pointer. (In this mode, to show the puzzle's image press the key Enter/Return)
  • Shift + Left or right arrow turn the piece. Also the keys A and S turn piece.
  • Pressing the spacebar pointing to the board (not to a piece) and then pressing the arrows starts a multi-piece selection. From there you can move it around or send the pieces to a tray (pressing Alt+ number of tray). 
  • The key Tab moves the pointer to the nearest piece at the right of the cursor (if there's one). This is useful when two pieces overlap to allow switching them. Additionally if you hold down Tab and press the arrow keys it will move to the next piece on that arrow direction.