Delivering the Gift Puzzles

Once you have created a Gift puzzle, you will have a regular file that you have to deliver to the receiver.

If you want to send it by email, you simply have to attach the generated file to an email message. Usually this is done by simply dragging the file to the body of the message. In other cases, you may need to use the option or button "Attach". Add a note requesting the recipient of the message with the puzzle to have installed BrainsBreaker 5 by downloading from

If you upload the gift puzzle to a web site, you just have to put a link to the gift puzzle file in your html page as you would do with any other regular page. You have to instruct your users to download and install the BrainsBreaker 5 software (once) from (notice that you can not distribute the BrainsBreaker software along with gift puzzles. Computers with BrainsBreaker 5 installed will open automatically the Gift puzzle files once your visitors click on the gift puzzle file).